Kannada Fonts

Kannada fonts are typefaces specifically designed for the Kannada language, used predominantly in the Indian state of Karnataka. Kannada fonts ensure accurate representation and legibility of text in Kannada script on digital devices and documents. Careful selection of fonts is essential for creating visually appealing, effective, and engaging content in various media. Fonts are a fundamental aspect of design and communication. They influence how your content is perceived, impact its readability, and can play a significant role in branding and visual identity. 

Download free Kannada font Baraha the most popular font for Typing in Kannada language. Kailash and Uma are also useful font to type in Kannada. Stylish Fonts collection in zip format. Click on link given below to free download the Kannada fonts:

Kannada Nudi font full series Free Download (191 Kannada Nudi fonts, Non-Unicode + Unicode)

  1. Free download Kannada font Baraha1
  2. Free download Kannada font Baraha2
  3. Free download Kannada font Baraha3
  4. Free download Kannada font Baraha4
  5. Free download Kannada font Kailash
  6. Free download Kannada font Uma
  7. Free download Kannada Nudi Fonts full series


Kannada Unicode Font

With the help of Kannada Unicode font you can read any news paper and other Kannada websites in Kannada fonts. To be able to type with Kannada Unicode font you have to install specialized Kannada typing software that have many keyboards layouts. Download Kannada Unicode font from given link below:

  1. Free download Kannada Unicode font
  2. Free download Kannada Unicode Tunga (Regular) Font
  3. Free download Kannada Unicode Tunga (Bold) Font
  4. Download 22 Kannada Unicode Fonts

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Difference between non-Unicode and Unicode Kannada font ?

Non-Unicode Kannada fonts are traditional fonts commonly used for Kannada Typing from the arrival of computers in India. Non-Unicode Kannada font have their own Character encoding. To be able to view content typed with non-Unicode fonts you need the particular font to be installed on that device.

Unicode Kannada fonts are based upon Universal Character Encoding assign to every character of writing system. Unicode fonts are portable means it is not necessary that font must be install on the device you are using. Unicode standard is maintained by Unicode consortium. For use on Web world Unicode Kannada font is best.

How to type in non-Unicode Kannada Font ?

To type in Kannada font you need to install the font in your computer system and when you start typing select the name of Kannada font from drop down list of text editor (i.e. MS Word). You will see whatever you type is comes in Kannada language.

How to type in Unicode Kannada Font ?

Typing in Unicode Kannada font are different from non-Unicode font. If you installed a Unicode Kannada font and select in MS word and start typing you will see English characters instead of Kannada characters. To type in Unicode Kannada font you will need to install a Kannada typing software.

There are lots of options and keyboards are available for type in Kannada Unicode fonts:

1. Inscript Kannada Typing - You can type in Kannada with Indian Government official Inscript Keyboard layout for Kannada Typing. You can type Kannada with online inscript keyboard.

2. English to Kannada Transcription - It's the fastest and simplest method for Unicode Tamil typing without practicing any keyboard. Just type with English keyboard and Get in Tamil font. It's also know as transliteration.

3. Kannada Speech Typing - You can also type in Hindi without keyboard. Just speak in mic and get your text typed in Hindi. Hindi voice typing is latest development in the field of Hindi typing with Unicode fonts.

Best Kannada translation software is also available to use see in top menu for the link