Kannada Unicode Fonts

Unicode based Kannada fonts are most versatile Kannada typeface fonts for Kannada typing. Here you can view and download whole series of Kannada Unicode fonts in free.

These are most used fonts nowadays because they are highly portable can be typed and viewed on any system, browser, application. To be able to type text in Unicode Kannada font you have to use specialized Kannada Typing software in your system. Here you can download and install all Unicode font in one click.

Along with these Kannada Unicode fonts you can also free download Kannada Nudi Fonts.

Download Kannada Fonts ( Unicode )

English - Kannada Enable English to Kannada Typing
Sample Text
Sample Text


Baloo Tamma


Kar Chandrashekhara Kambara

Kar Da Raa Bendre

Kar Girish Karnad

Kar Gopalakrishna Adiga

Kar KS Narasimhaswamy

Kar Kuvempu

Kar Maasthi

Kar Puchamthe

Kar Puthina

Kar Shivarama Karantha

Kar UR Ananthamurthy

Kar Vi Kru Gokak

Kedage Bold


Kedage Italic

Lohit Kannada

Malige Bold



These free Kannada Unicode fonts are compatible with all Mac, Linux and windows version like Windows 11, 10, 7, XP etc. The Kannada Unicode series have stylish, designer and most popular Kannada fonts like Tunga, Lohit Kannada, Baloo Tamma etc. 

After download fonts follow these steps to install and use Kannada Unicode fonts:

Step 1. Font Installation

  1. Download the font file from the link given above.
  2. Extract the downloaded file (if it’s in a compressed format).
  3. Right-click the font file and select "Install" on Windows, or double-click the font file and click "Install Font" on macOS.

Step 2. Restart Applications

After installing the Kannada fonts, it’s a good idea to restart the applications in which you want to use them. This will ensures that the newly installed fonts are recognized and available for use in those applications.

Step 3. Test Your Unicode Kannada Fonts

After successful installation of Kannada Unicode fonts on your system. To test them, open a text editor (Notepad etc.) or a word processing application (MS Word etc.) and select the newly installed font from the dropdown list. Now you will see the installed font name will appear in font family dropdown, select downloaded font and start type by enable Kannada Keyboard or Software.